If you are wondering whether the port of Kotor is the right choice for you, in this text you can be convinced that Kotor and its surroundings offer the most beautiful charms of our country, that cannot be described in words but must be experienced in order to get its true essence and beauty. Kotor is a city worth visiting not only once, but for the port of Kotor to get a new synonym called the port of “Oasis of Peace”.

Kotor – Oasis of Peace

Kotor Old Town Oasis of Peace


The offer is mostly aimed at Cruise tourists and everything is made to make your pleasure from cruises, with our transfers and tours, if not equally beautiful, then only more beautiful, and that your sensation and enjoyment only increase because thanks to the natural beauty of Kotor and our desire to experience Kotor in its true and most beautiful colors make a winning combination that you should not miss. After all, what is life without moments that take your breath away?

Private Tours Kotor are Cruise Ship Friendly

One of the many reasons why you should not miss Kotor and its surroundings is because Kotor is one of the most beautiful coastal towns located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor, which together with Herceg Novi, Risan and Tivat make this bay unique and magical. Mountain peaks rise from all sides make this area special because they give us the most beautiful of nature and protect the bay from the cold climate in winter. Kotor is special because it is one of the best-preserved old towns and is even among the 25 most beautiful bays.

Kotor view on whole bay Boka Kotorska

The whole city looks like one big museum. As you walk through these streets you will feel that they sing to you and that they are grateful for every step and attention you have given them, so who wouldn’t want to walk such streets? The old town of Kotor exudes that antiquity that evokes positive nostalgia, there are houses that are 300 years old and it is not uncommon for you to see on the balconies beautiful flowers that reflect the liveliness of this city.

Kotor Old Town

The city itself has existed around the XIII century and is considered the Montenegrin Venice. The gate was the only entrance to the old town, directly from the sea. The symbol of the Venetian Republic, the winged lion of St. Mark was once carved above the city gates.

Kotor Tito engraved words

Today, the same lion is carved into the city walls, to the right of the main city gate. The winged lion was replaced by a new coat of arms at that place, the coat of arms of Yugoslavia and the symbols of that time, as well as the date of the liberation of Kotor from Nazi rule – it is November 21, 1944. Above the date of the liberation of Kotor, there is a quote from the former President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, which says: “We do not want others, we do not give our own.”

In the heart of Boka, at the bottom of the mountain Lovcen. It hides many cultural treasures that date back to the Middle Ages and give it the charm it has today. The city of Kotor carries with it many legends that are worth attention. Its power lies in the fact that it is both ancient and modern so that everyone can enjoy its beauties. Kotor is also known for cats because there are many on the streets so if you are one of those who love cats you can also have the pleasure to visit a pet-friendly city.

Kotor Old Town Enterance

In front of the main entrance, there are two eternal tin cannons, which represent the symbol of the defense of this city. After the entrance through the city gate, in the wall, on the right is a carved stone relief of the Virgin and Child, then the figure of St. Tryphon, the patron saint of the city holding a model of Kotor and the figure of St. Bernard, with relics of the city in the Cathedral of St. Tryphon.

Immediately below this interesting relief, there is a small cavity, which served as a “ballot box” into which suggestions were anonymously inserted about what is not going well in the city, what should be changed, what should not be.

Kotor – cruise ship friendly destination

Cruise Ship arrives to Kotor

The reason why we say that Kotor is Cruiseship friendly destination is that we are based on making most of your time, in the best way. The way we work is to provide every person with comfort, a smile, positive energy, and information that all will be happy to remember because our goal is to see our tours through our glasses because the love we feel for these places you can experience if you give us a chance to wear our magical, rainbow glasses.

Kotor Tour Tourists around old town

If you allow us to be the ones to introduce you to all our sights, be sure that you will not make a mistake in the choice, because our tours are guiding one of the best guides, and our transfers are organized in the best way, because we offer you the speed, comfort, and view that you will never forget. If you choose any tour or transfer with us, be sure that we will make every minute worthwhile because that is our goal.

If you are worried that you will not have time to visit all the places worth your attention? Do not worry, because our agency Boka Bay Travel is made to fulfill all your wishes and so that all your senses enjoy all the beauties of our city and its surroundings. I hope that you will choose us to be your locals, guides, and people who will introduce you a little better to Kotor, a city that exudes love and the most beautiful notes.

We invite you to continue reading more about our offers because if you choose us to guide you in new adventures choosing private tours, boat rides, or transport we promise you the adventure of a lifetime! Because this city and we together with it, provide only the best!