If you are the one that wants to continue your journey without the noise from loud cars and turbulent streets, our speed boat transfers offer you the comfort that every tourist would like. In addition to the beauty that Kotor offers with its many legends, stories, and views, we are sure that these tours we have chosen for you are worth your choice because to visit the port of Kotor and not to visit places in its surroundings, with us who will transfer you quickly and efficiently to the desired place with our transfer, you would miss a lot because all these places are hidden in secrets, love, and beauty that is food for your soul. Therefore, join us and feed your soul with the beauties of Montenegro. For you, we have selected 10 transfers for tours that we think you should not miss.

1. Speed boat transfer to Porto Montenegro

One of the most beautiful and luxurious locations where nobody remained indifferent and in which celebrities, public figures, and personalities who have passed almost every corner of the world fell in love is also a place that offers a peaceful and serene view that permeates all this The magical place that is often called “Balkan Monte Carlo” is Porto Montenegro, which is located in Tivat. From the perspective of the locals, this place delights us again and again and we fall in love with the same look every time because Porto Montenegro makes this place an eternal port of beauty. Therefore, do not miss the chance to miss the charms of this place.

2. Speed boat transfer to Portonovi


If you have heard of a place that sounds similar to Porto Montenegro and you think it is the same place, fortunately, we have good news and we can inform you with certainty that there is another place similar in luxury to Porto Montenegro and again especially with its different beauty, that place is called Portonovi. In Herceg Novi, at the entrance to the magnificent Bay of Kotor, Portonovi awaits you, the pearl of the new Riviera that adorns the Montenegrin coast of the Adriatic Sea. Enjoy the sandy beaches, sailing, and walking through the lush forests.

3. Speed boat transfer to Nikki Beach


Nikki Beach, the first and original concept of a luxury beach club, with facilities in 13 locations around the world, has flourished into a well-known brand “beach club” and a hotel company. Located next to the waters of Tivat Bay and with a perfect view of the islands of St. Mark and Our Lady of Mercy, Nikki Beach Montenegro is a restaurant with a capacity of up to 250 people and a beach club, whose offer will be focused on the identity of the brand. The resort with a beautiful view of the sea and mountains will include a boutique resort with 45 rooms, a gym, and a luxury spa center. If you want to enjoy the rich atmosphere of this place, book a transfer with us and you will not make a mistake in the choice.

4. Speed boat transfer to Movida Beach

Another name for Movida Beach is “a place for everyone”, because this complex offers a unique program when it comes to nightlife for young people, as well as one-day and multi-day cruises. The beach follows the beauty that adorns this complex and this place is considered to be a unique summer destination. If you are looking for a place where you can experience adrenaline, peace, or simply enjoy the beauty of the place then this is the right place for you.

5. Speed boat transfer to Fishing Village – Ribarsko Selo

Another name for this place is “Paradise”. If you are looking for a peaceful holiday at the sea with phenomenal cuisine, fresh fish caught that day, and vegetables are grown in the garden of the restaurant, the fishing village perfectly fits that description. The fishing village has been one of the most visited places on our coast for years, the reason why it is so is that tourists who have been to this place spread a positive voice that says you should not miss this destination.

6. Speed boat transfer to Dobreč Beach


If you are a fan of hidden, secluded beaches, visit Dobrec Bay on Luštica Bay. It can only be reached by speed boat, which speaks volumes about the non-pollution of the lush Mediterranean vegetation that surrounds it. For years, the Blue Flag has been flying on Dobreč, which is awarded only to the cleanest beaches in the world. Although it is only 70 m long, you will find peace on this pebble beach because there are no crowds. If you want to feel isolated and still have everything you need for complete enjoyment, Dobreč beach is the right choice for you.

7. Speed boat transfer to Rose Bay


The bay of Rose, or simply Rose, attracts attention with its appearance because they look like some kind of Mediterranean architectural medallion. Rose has everything in a nutshell: a tiny urban core located in a natural harbor, isolated, noiseless, pollution-free, nestled in a Mediterranean setting, and has a history. They are characterized by belvederes – lookouts. If you want to feel the charm of this place that you can easily fall in love with, give it a chance and we are sure you will not go wrong.

8. Speed boat transfer to Luštica Bay

The Lustica bay is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, just across the Tivat Riviera and close to Tivat Airport. From this bay, there is an incredible view of the Tivat and Herceg Novi Riviera, and across the coast, there are a large number of pleasant and beautiful beaches. The impression that the bay creates during the sunny period is amazing. Green hills with olive and pomegranate groves appear before your eyes, together with narrow streets that lead to the bays of azure water. It seems as if civilization cannot reach this place because this part of the country is the least populated.

9. Speed boat transfer to Budva

Budva is located in the central part of the Montenegrin coast, the area around the city is called the Budva Riviera, and is the center of Montenegrin tourism. Although it is a small town, Budva is the most popular destination in Montenegro, which is not surprising given that it is a center for sightseeing and cultural tourism, but also a place with intense nightlife and numerous beaches. Visit the Montenegrin coast and not see Budva would be a big mistake, so we offer you a transfer to the most famous Montenegrin summer destination.

10. Speed boat transfer to Herceg Novi


Herceg Novi is a city of steps, a city of the sea, walls and towers, a city of sun and flower gardens. Herceg Novi is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, 51 km from Dubrovnik and 43 km from Kotor. One of the sunniest cities on the Adriatic, which is the first to welcome guests who “sail” into the Bay of Kotor. Bordered by the high mountain Orjen, decorated with greenery and mimosa, palm trees, and the open sea.

We hope that you will give Boka Bay Travel a chance to be your choice and that you will use our speed boat transfers because we can say with certainty that what we offer is the best and we will make every minute of your journey worthwhile.